Why Don’t We Focus On What’s Important?

Why Don’t You Blame God?

The above linked post by Taslima Nasreen says:

“Why don’t you blame God for not saving Amanda from being kidnapped?
Why don’t you blame God for not saving innocent girls from being raped & tortured year after year?
Why don’t you blame God for helping Ariel Castro to commit heinous crimes year after year?
Why don’t you blame God for destroying three young lives, their youth, their future forever?
Why don’t you blame God for humiliating, insulting, abusing humanity year after year?”

It’s as arbitrary as thanking God, really, and accomplishes absolutely NOTHING. What difference could it possibly make to do either of these publicly? I helps nothing and only serves to detract from reality.

I’m for blaming Ariel Castro.  I’m for trying Ariel Castro.  I’m for convicting Ariel Castro.  I’m for punishing Ariel Castro.  I’m for making Ariel Castro an example to our androcentric, male dominated society that this really happens; That ignorance and complacency are NOT ok and things have to change.  This could have been YOUR sister, or your wife, or your mother, or your daughter, or any other female you care about.  I’m not for sitting around naming heroes and bad guys in terms of shoulda/coulda/woulda, unless it furthers the cause of awareness and prevention.  Most certainly I do no think that even a fraction of a joule of energy should be devoted to praising or condemning intangible, unproven forces.  What an absolute waste of time!

Get a grip.

What can we do to save others currently in this situation?  What can we do to prevent this from happening to anyone else?  How do we help these women, and others like them, heal and re-assimilate without turning them into pariahs?